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No One Is Alone.

Empowering You To Connect

What It Means To Say,
"We're Changing It."


Connection offers inner strength, granting us and those we care for, the ability to take brave steps to venture into the life they are looking for. 

Brokenness doesn't get to author the story. 

Addiction, Abuse, Self-Harm, & Suicide aren't allowed the pen. 

A Mental Health crisis isn't calling the shots. 

You are standing strong with those you care for saying, "Enough. We're Changing It." And as you guide them - we are here to equipping you to know how to connect. 

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What if you have been chosen to come alongside someone in the hardest parts of their story? 


how we Equip You To Connect

Changing the narrative is not easy

- but there is a path. 

We're changing it offers 20 keys, a guide map, offering you and the person you care for a processing guide to reclaim their story, one page at a time. 

We're changing it offers you: 

  • The 20 Change Your Narrative Lessons

  • Pre-Lesson Training On What To Expect

  • Guidance Tips On How To Support Someone

  • Connection Building Training Videos

  • Support For Specific Mental Health Issues 

  • Resource Guides For Trauma, Abuse, Anxiety, Abuse, Addiction, Bullying, Depression, Image Matters, Self-Harm, And Suicidal Thought. 

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Who is changing it?


Businesses Are Changing It

Leaders, Managers, Team Members Are Forging Healthy Environments. 


Faith Communities Are Changing It

Ministries & Community Leaders Are Making Space For Wholeness. 


Families Are Changing It

Parents, Siblings, Spouses & Partners Are Creating Belonging. 


Influencers Are Changing It

Those With A Voice Are Pointing Their Followers Towards Healing. 



Spread The Message

Are you an Influencer looking for ways to help others change their narrative? Does your message offer others hope, guidance, and well-being to your followers, yet you are looking to collaborate on tools for your tribe? We would love to partner with you. 

We give back

Does your organization exist to see individuals find hope, wholeness, healing, and freedom? We have training materials, crisis issue resource guides, and content geared to support them - and your organization. We're Changing It is designed to equip influencers - and would love to partner with you to see your community thrive. What can we do for you?


"To watch him realize he had

what it took to change his story meant everything to me.

We're Changing it gave me what

I needed to help him get there."

- A. Tyndale   

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